Giving Back


About the Program

Every year, The WA Mining Club, in conjunction with industry co-sponsors, offers a number of scholarships to encourage and foster the development of the next generation of leaders within West Australia’s mining sector. 

In 2018 nine $10,000 scholarships were awarded in the following categories: Geology, Female Student in a Technical Discipline in the Mining Sector (2 scholarships), Resource Related Engineering Discipline, Engineering in the Mining Sector, Metallurgy, Environmental Sciences in the Mining Sector and Indigenous (2 scholarships). The first seven were open to university students, while the Indigenous scholarship were open to high school, TAFE and university.  Eligibility criteria are explained in more detail below.

In addition to the $10,000 award, winners will participate in a mentoring program designed to help the winner start building real life experience and a network in the mining industry.  Winners and some finalists may be offered vacation employment as part of the program.  More details are given below.

All scholarship winners and finalists will receive a complimentary membership to the WA Mining Club.

All winners and finalists will also be invited to attend at least one WA Mining Club luncheon in 2019 as a complimentary guest of the Club


The 2018 Scholarship Categories were

Geology Co-sponsored by Independence Group
Indigenous Co-sponsored by Independence Group
Female Student in a Technical Discipline in the Mining Sector Co-sponsored by Mount Gibson Iron
Resource Related Engineering Discipline Co-sponsored by Mount Gibson Iron
Female Student in a Technical Discipline in the Mining Sector Co-sponsored by Newmont Australia
Engineering in the Mining Sector Co-sponsored by Western Areas
Metallurgy Co-sponsored by Pilbara Minerals
Environmental Sciences in the Mining Sector Co-sponsored by Sandfire Resources
Indigenous Co-sponsored by BGC Contracting



If you would like to be on our mailing list to be advised about 2019 scholarships, please email scholarships@waminingclub.asn.au

Applications for 2019 will open in early 2019 and will close in July of 2019.

There will be no more than three finalists per scholarship.  Shortlisted applicants will be notified in early July and invited to attend an interview with the selection panel.

Finalists will be invited to a WA Mining Club Scholarship Awards lunch at the Hyatt Regency Perth  in August 2019, where the winners will be announced.


The selection of each scholarship recipient is completed by a panel from the scholarship co-sponsor and a representative of the WA Mining Club. The selection panel considers the applicant’s

academic and/or work record
personal circumstances,
financial need for a scholarship,
commitment to his/her chosen career and
potential to achieve a position of leadership in, or significant contribution to, the mining industry.

Short-listed candidates are required to attend an interview with the selection panel as described above.

Applicants studying at university must be studying  on a full time basis in 2020 at a Western Australian university, or in the case of the indigenous scholarships, applications will also be accepted from students studying full time at a university or at a Western Australian high school, or who will be undertaking an apprenticeship in 2020 while studying at  TAFE.

All applicants must possess a firm commitment to working at a professional level in a technical discipline within the mining industry. It is intended that the scholarships for university students will be awarded to students who have completed at least their first year of tertiary study. Consideration will also be given to first year students who can demonstrate financial hardship or whose  cultural, geographic or personal circumstances may affect their capacity to pursue a tertiary education.

It is intended that the Indigenous scholarships will be awarded to an indigenous student pursuing post-high school study, either at TAFE (including apprenticeships) or at university. Consideration will also be given to students who will undertake Year 11 or Year 12 in 2020 who can demonstrate a strong desire to work in the mining industry after finishing high school and who have the potential to become leaders in their community.

The scholarships will not be available to holders of a similar scholarship or bursary in 2020.

Scholarships can be awarded to international students who hold a student visa and are studying in Western Australia in 2020.

University students who are studying part time in 2019 are not eligible for a scholarship.  The only part time students who are eligible are indigenous students who will be undertaking an apprenticeship in 2020 while studying at TAFE.  If a scholarship winner changes from full time to part time study during 2020, the will not be eligible to retain the scholarship.


The application form is an online form that starts at the bottom of this page.

Applicants can apply for more than one scholarship but can only win one scholarship. Please ensure you address the selection criteria carefully if you want to apply for multiple scholarships.  You can apply for each scholarship individually using a separate application form each time (e.g. if you wish to give a different personal statement).  Alternatively you can apply for multiple scholarships on the one application form.

The WA Mining Club reserves the right to not award a scholarship if there are no suitable applicants or applications are not of a sufficient standard.


Each scholarship winner will receive a grant of $10,000 in the form of two cash payments over 12 months (i.e. $5,000 in each half year). Awards in the second half of 2019 will be conditional upon satisfactory academic performance in the first half year.  The winner must also continue to satisfy the eligibility criteria in the second half of 2019 and submit of a written report outlining the academic activities undertaken by the recipient during the previous half year.

Failure to submit the required reports may cause the Club to withhold or cancel any outstanding scholarship payment.


Scholarships recipients will be able to take advantage of a mentoring program, provided by senior industry participants from the scholarship co-sponsors. Each recipient must meet with their mentor at least four times during 2019, ideally in person.  Winners in regional or remote locations can meet via telephone or teleconferencing. Mentors will provide advice in relation to networking, making progress in the mining industry and other topics as agreed between the recipient and the mentor.


Scholarships recipients are usually offered appropriate vacation employment by the scholarship co-sponsors. Other work opportunities may also be available as agreed between the recipient and the co-sponsors. On occasion, finalists who do not win a scholarship may be offered vacation work.


Apart from the financial support provided by a scholarship, winners and finalists will have the opportunity to network with the WA Mining Club’s extensive network of mining professionals. All finalists selected by the selection panel will receive a complimentary membership to the WA Mining Club to enable them to network with members at luncheons and other events.

All 2019 winners and finalists will be invited to attend at least one WA Mining lunch in 2019 as a complimentary guest of the Club.